Eat Energy-Rich Foods for Your Daily Lift

energy crash

Staying energized can be tough in the winter, especially around daylight savings time. That first Monday back can be a bruiser!

Here are some tips for how to eat to boost your energy and avoid the afternoon slump.

  • Avoid extra coffee. While another cup can sound nice now (especially in below-freezing Minnesota, where I live), it can actually cause you to feel drained later. Try swapping that second cup out for a cup of tea. Even caffeinated teas, like green tea, have less caffeine than coffee.
  • Stay hydrated. Our bodies are 60-70% water — so we need to keep ourselves filled up! If plain water is too boring for you, try adding some citrus or find a low-calorie naturally-flavored water.
  • Eat breakfast. When you wake up and realize your clock is still an hour behind, it can be easy to skip breakfast in the ensuing frazzle. Don’t! Early in the day, you need fiber and protein to help avoid that crash later in the day. A healthy breakfast can be quick; try Greek yogurt, sprouted almonds, KIND bars, granola, hard boiled eggs, Goji berries, or natural beef sticks, to name just a few!

energy-rich videoTo see the full video, click the picture or click here.

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