Make Eating Healthy On the Go Easier

on-the-go lunchable

Sometimes it can seem like there is just not enough time to eat healthy. I know at my house, with two kids in school and sports, I certainly feel the pressure. But with a little planning, you don’t have to choose between nutrition and ease. Here are a few tips to make healthy eating on the go feel EASY!

  1. Invest in a good portable cooler. This helps make it easy to pack and bring along the “good stuff”, like yogurt with berries or veggies with hummus, that might otherwise be difficult to preserve over a long day. (Note: If you use frozen berries, they will keep the yogurt cold!)
  2. Freeze staple foods in glass containers. We freeze a lot of healthy soups, which provide high fiber and protein and are quick and nutritious for kids and parents. Same with oatmeal for early morning games. You can get them ready made or just add hot water from the hockey rink (or wherever you are!).
  3. Try a home-made “lunchable”. If you have or get a container that is pre-compartmentalized, you can have fun experimenting with different ways to fill each little section. Some of our favorites include hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, dried fruit, and nuts — these provide lots of fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamin D for my little athletes!

on-the-go videoTo watch the full video, click the picture or click here.

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